/var/log/messages MISSING

I'm on Kong's nss build (only recently sysupgraded from non nss) on my R7800. It appears I'm having an issue with the 5ghz dropping off intermittently. I've SSH into router and noticed no messages file in the above location. There is however a system log of messages when I log into the webui. I've checked the syslog-ng.conf and it appears default config had not changed so I'm a little stumped why it appears the messages file is not there. Any ideas ?

Via command logread


Thank you for that I'll go away and read.. Ok so I added the local file options but still no joy. I can see the test logger file written in the system log when I log into the web ui but from a SSH prompt logread returns "no file found" and cat /var/log/messages still returns no such file or directory so where the hell is the location of the system log file :frowning:

The constant writing of the log messages to a file is going to kill your device's flash memory, do you really need it?

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Not really mate, I am trying to acertain what has changed. I just want to be able to be able to view my system log from the command line

"logread" is your friend

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Let's start with the basics:
By default the normal log is on a circular RAM memory buffer, where it is read by the "logread" command, which was already mentioned. There is no log file by default.

There is no syslog-ng.conf and no /var/log/messages file by default. You ( or @KONG as you use his build) have installed and configured something extra if you have syslog-ng.conf

You might need to modify the title of this thread, so that people knowledgeable about syslog-ng might notice it.