Vap11n mount an external antenna how?

vap11n mount an external antenna how?

Those who know please tell.

Find an old satellite dish and mount the whole unit, unmodified, at the focal point.

There's no easy way to tap a coaxial cable into the RF signal on that board, nor would it be very effective since it is just the SoC "barefoot" with no amplifier chips. It's not meant for high performance.

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If i use such antenna
I guess the performance would be better ?

What are you trying to do? Better overall signal or "beaming" a signal to/from one place?

to catch a good signal from 300m, line of sight

Definitely a dish then. Though there are purpose built setups that are not very expensive and likely to outperform anything you'd modify based around that little low-power AP.

Watch out for interference when you try to use 2.4 GHz outdoors.

I know there are cheap solutions, but i am determined to sacrifice this one for the sake of trying :slight_smile: I want to hook it up to one of these

But not sure where exactly to solder the coax. Also i read somewhere i have to cut the PCB antenna first ?