Validating latest MT76 wifi changes

Hi all, I have a project where we are using an MT76-based system (essentially a MediaTek 7621 reference board) using 7603e and 7612e WiFi chipsets. And we’ve had tons of wifi issues on the 18.06.2 build. So we’ve been following the trunk builds, but those are anchored to a 3/27/19 tag in the OpenWRT/MT76 subproject. Yet we see a lot of recent, highly relevant fixes to the MT76 subproject, but when we try and pin the trunk to pull from the tip of MT76, we get a build that just bricks the router.

How should one validate the latest check-ins to MT76?

We’d like to provide testing feedback.

Just checking that my approach is not the root problem.

we get a build that just bricks the router
We’d like to provide testing feedback.

Are you able to get a serial console onto the board so you can get the kernel log? Are you sure that your .dts file is set up correctly?

Pretty sure, the .dts is OK, as it is the same one between the two builds:

Works: Trunk (which points at the 3/27 date in /mt76

Does not work: Trunk + head of /mt76

Also, I note that the new 19.07 branch for OpenWRT is still referencing the 3/27 point in the /mt76 tree. Will this be updated to something newer?

That depends on the main developer's assessment of code stability no doubt, but for a while now 18.06 and master mt76 codebase have been very similar to one another. I expect that to be similar for 19.07 and master (the former branch still being minty fresh).