V2raya's issues on some websites

I have installed OpenWrt 22.03.4 and installed v2raya from (https://github.com/v2rayA/v2raya-openwrt). I set up v2raya and added a config to it. it worked well on some applications on iOS (like Telegram and Instagram) but some apps didn't load, like X, WhatsApp, Spotify.
Also, the YouTube app didn't load the videos's cover but it loaded videos perfectly!
Also, websites like Instagram.com, and x.com didn't load!
my config works perfectly in the v2box app on iOS and loads all of the contents.
How can I solve this problem??

this is my v2raya setup:
Transparent Proxy/System Proxy: On: Traffic splitting mode...
Transparent Proxy/System Proxy Implementation: redirect
Traffic Splitting Mode of Rule Port: RoutingA (
default: proxy

Prevent DNS Spoofing: Advanced setting (
Domain Query Servers: -> direct -> direct
Special Mode: Off
TCPFastOpen: Keep default
Multiplex: Off
Automatically Update Subscriptions: Off
Mode when Update Subscriptions and GFWList: Follows Transparent Proxy/System proxy

You have to ask custom feed author.
Would not hurt upgrading OpenWRT sometimes.

my router is Linksys e4200 and there isn't an upper version of the OpenWRT for this model.
I prefer not to upgrade.

For help with 3rd party feed you need to contact them.

Sorry, I don’t understand what should I do.
I can’t change v2raya configuration to fix this problem?
What do you mean?
It’s working very well in some applications, only some applications like whatsapp and X don’t work.

Your v2raya is not from openwrt.org , you need to ask at the place of download.