V2ray space issue

Hi everyone

I'm trying to use v2ray on my Xiaomi 4a gigabit router, but I think the software requires 13 MB and this router has apparently 8 MB of storage. Is there a way around this or I need to get a router with higher flash memory?

... or USB port, to add more storage that way.

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the router has no usb port.

didn't say it had, just saying it'd have been another option.

base on the save, you'd need at least a router with 32MB flash, getting one with an USB port would probably be easier/cheaper, depending on where you live ...

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What about building a custom image? would that be a better solution?

it's a 16MB flash device, i't can't be done, if the v2ray needs 13 MB.
just the kernel of openwrt is > 3MB.

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As I suspected.

I can't find a good website that offers me routers and modems based on flash memory size

think out of the box.

you don't need a modem, if you you're OK having two devices running, instead of one.

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Oh I already do since xiaomi 4a gigabit is only a router and not a modem. just frustrating having to check the flash memory of every router manually.

I don't suppose you can buy old Kirkwood devices where you are (middle East ?) ... ?

Pogoplug, Dockstar, etc ...

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Middle east, yes. I'll see if I can check those out thanks.