V18.06.1 image for raspberry Pi model 3 B

Hi ,

I have downloaded the image from https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.1/targets/brcm2708/bcm2710/

Here Which one i need to use for Raspberry Pi Model 3 B and Will it support for sd card flashing?.

I have tried by flashing those images separately and it's not working as expected (not booting).

please anybody provide information on this issue


did you test all? I tried below one, but pi didn't boot.


Raspberry Pi Model 3B can work
Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ not work

ext4 / squashfs is File system different
ext4 can use GParted grow Full Partition
squashfs Temporarily not available

factory Please use "USB Image Tool 1.75" Write in microSD Card
sysupgrade Used for Web online upgrades of older versions

Use "USB Image Tool 1.75" Write image