V18.06.0 update questions (perl)

i thought V18.06.0 is freezed until the next maintenance release comes out. Therefor i doesnt understand, that the command "opkg list-upgradable" delivers update's.
When a build firmware today with 18.06 it have other (newer) modules, than a build from yestarday. Could you please so kind, and explain it for me ?

I have perl installed on one router. In the early days of 18.06 all was fine. The newest build the perl becomes unusable.... (both 18.06)

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Kernel packages stay unchanged, but user-space packages get visible updates.
Perl has been recently updated in 18.06

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@pprindeville is the maintainer of Perl package. He might be interested in your troubles with the updated 18.06 perl.

@hnyman This is the result of modules having their own version numbers but not including the Perl version number for which they were built.

I'm working on a fix for this. In the meantime, can we remove all the non-perlbase modules so that everything gets rebuilt?

The best way to trigger rebuilds is to bump the PKG_RELEASE of the affected packages.
(That has been done e.g. in the main sources with mbedtls ustreamssl etc.)

Does not it make sense to freeze userspaced packages as well?
That would have the advantage , to be protected from faulty package updates.
Packages should only updated with a maintenance release. (in my opinion)
In addition, a version 18.06.0 should be independent of the generation date.
V18.06 build 10 days in the past, had perl 5.26, now 5.28, within the same release.
I know, all silly questions ...

The advantages of package updates outweight the disadvantages, so no, it makes no sense.

Have a fix which I'm testing for master:

would appreciate someone testing it with 18.06 as well.

All fine, 18.06.00 ist now working again !! (image builder) Now all perl stuff installed under /usr/lib/perl5/5.28/.
My perl application is working again.
Thank you very much...

Merged to master and openwrt-18.06

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