Uwsgi-cgi commit and python3 host build

This commit has broken my build: uwsgi-cgi commit

Once committed my build breaks because I don't have the "python3/host" dependency. The thing is, for the life of me I can't figure out how to install "python3/host" and get it built. I don't have python or python3 installed or selected, yet I do get python 2 built in my host directory.

The relevant quote from the committer @cshoredaniel:

See #9843 for a resolution to an issue with uwsgi-cgi -- it uses python for it's build system, and was relying on system python2 (if present) instead of (required) python3 (and it needs to the openwrt hostpkg python (for distutils), not system python3 or staging_dir_host/bin/python3 (because of missing distutils)).

Any ideas on how to install and build "hostpkg python"?