Utilising 8 Public IP's


Yes, it would be a step-by-step if I know how to make a VLAN bridge!!! but I don't!

So what are the steps to make a VLAN bridge?

Since you insist on using non-OpenWrt commands, methods and syntax with OpenWrt,

I'm not insisting any anything, these are just suggestions from forum users.
Besides, I wouldn't know a non-OpenWrt command, method and syntax from an official one.

Give me a break I'm trying to learn here...

How do I do this ?

Change Switch by adding a 3rd like

Change Switch
I only have one switch with 5 ports so how can I change it?

  • number it 3
    Why? can I use 1 or 2 that are already there?
  • change the untagged ports on VLAN 1/LAN that you want on the new network VLAN 3

Can you translate this so that a noobi can understand it, please? I have read it several times... change them to what?

  • turn them off on VLAN 1! :warning:
    What does this even mean?

A step-by-step guide
Some one asked me how I set up my DSL connection in OpenWrt so I gave them a step-by-step guide as follows:

  1. Goto Network>interfaces- then click on "Edit" or click on the "WAN" tab
  2. In the "DSL" section enter the following settings
  3. Annex: Annex A + L + M(all)
  4. Tone: A43C + J43 + A43
  5. Encapsulation mode:PTM/EFM(Packet Transfer mode)
  6. DSL line mode: VDSL
  7. Downstream SNR offset: 0.0 dB
  8. Leave the rest as default and click on "Save and Apply"
  9. click on "Edit" or click on the "WAN" tab again
  10. Click on the "Physical settings tab"
  11. From the drop-down scroll to the bottom of the drop-down and in custom enter
  12. dsl0.101
  13. Click on save and apply
  14. click on "Edit" or click on the "WAN" tab again
  15. Select PPPoE protocol from the drop-down...
  16. at this point you may have click on switch protocols to initialise the new protocol
  17. Enter your user-name and password
  18. Click on save and apply
  19. You should now be able to access the Internet via your router
  20. You may also need to setup your wifi interface

That, is an easy to follow step-by-step guide for anyone!

Can you please explain this I don't understand what it is your doing

Is this a solution or a note??? what is PoC?

If you take just my Web server as an example, it must be assigned a static IP, then a rout to the internet via one of my LAN ports need to be established.

I am doing incorrectly because I don't know what I'm doing, and trying to get information that will help me understand so I can do it correctly.

I am using the GUI!!!!

I'm confused why you asked for steps, then persist on undertaking other steps not suggested by anyone in the thread.

You're confused... Persist? I have taken all information from this thread and implemented them. However, if you would read the thread from the perspective of someone who doesn't have your knowledge you would see how confusing this is.

Can you please be a little more choice-full in your language, you are coming over as angry and impatient?

I really appreciate your input and its frustrating enough without having to explain my misunderstandings.

It's an example of a possible configuration which purports to apply DNAT to incoming DNS queries.

Proof of concept. Or, in other words, a test, a trial, an experiment.

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Great how do i implement it?

Yeah it takes time to learn.

In LuCI follow "Network > Firewall > Port Forwards > Add"
Follow this screenshot,

and change "Internal IP address" to your name server 1 ip. Then go to "Advance Settings" tab change "External IP address". After all "save".

Add a second rule for NS2.
Then "save & apply". This will take care of the two iptables rules.

And then you need to ssh into openwrt and enter the 5 "ip add add" commands. I don't know how to do this in GUI.

That's great thank you

The problem is that you have assumed that the NS is sitting behind a NAT and unfortunately my Domain provider states the address has to be public... Or have I got that bit wrong?

:confused: Ummmm...Just change a number of ports less than 5?


Have you actually looked at the Add Interface page?

I'm not sure how I better describe checking a box.


From 1 to 3...lol. This I can provide a picture for.

Example, all LAN ports moved to new network.

:confused: I know.

I recommend you to use the DNAT method to setup your network.

We have many experts to help you here.

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*SNAT, correct?

(The OP needs the SRC IP to be for the proper machine :wink: )

And BTW, an SNATs are added under the NAT Rules firewall tab.

Yes, if the OP got his router working, DNATs (Port Forwards in) and SNATs out will also solve the need to use all IPs.

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Yes I have looked at it,

So am I to assume this brides all the interfaces or specified bridges. what would be the other interface I need to complete the bridge?

I don't understand the question...as I literally showed you a picture on exactly what to do.

  • Are you seeking the steps before (like when I noted ADD above)?


  • ADD Inteeface
    • Name it (e.g. net2)
    • Make static
    • Give .1 IP
    • make eth0.3 bridge
    • make new firewall zone (i.e. net2)
    • Allow forwarding from net2 to WAN


  • Please explain what the pictures don't elaborate upon
  • Perhaps, can you show a picture of your issue???

Lastly, don't forget the switch:

Thank you I have followed what you have suggested, still am not sure what the settings of a new Firewall zone need to be.

This is what I am trying to acheave

Each of the servers has its own firewall
I need to configure 3 of the physical ports, located on the back of my Router, to connect to the internet so that traffic going to, and from, the assigned static IP addresses can freely access the internet.

Hope this makes it a little clearer.

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Please review what's provided in this thread...this is going quite beyond step-by-step, into hand-holding...

:bulb: I cannot guess port forwards, as I donno your services.

See (and yes, you can use GUI):

Again, it may help if you have a specific issue (and perhaps picture or describe it) before making a new post.

You've been 100% clear...except regarding understanding the GUI setup.

(I'm confused as to how "just make your GUI look like my picture" is difficult for you - perhaps @sampson 's idea is easier???)

Are you asking me to make a picture for exactly 3 ports instead of 4 (as in the example)???

Dear lleachii

If this is the extent of expert help and advice I am quite sure that OpenWrt is not for me!

I am not an expert and really don't want to be an expert, I just like to understand.

I just want a solution from someone who is not being condescended or poking fun, and who is patient with those asking for help.

As I have pointed out in an example of a step by step procedure, it's not handholding, its simple instructions for someone who has no idea of the software.

If your intention was to piss me off congratulations well done you won...Yey..., maybe this site can issue you with your first "Pissed them off badge"

You as a "Former IT Educator. in HE" should have knowledge of how to be patient and how to treat those asking for help.

My advice to you would be "Stop trying to help others, you're no good at it".

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Quite confused...

  • and still donno WHAT issue you're having with a firewalls
  • you didn't show a picture
  • nor did you describe the problem

But I provided the default rule to get your traffic to the Internet. :wink:

So again, I cannot guess. Sorry OpenWrt isn't for you. I'm not poking fun...I literally asked you:

Again no answer. Apologies I wasn't able to guess what you want.

~ https://forum.openwrt.org/u/lleachii/activity/solved

What do you wish to understand?

  • The pictures?
  • Why I'm saying check the boxes??

I do in a classroom, not for advanced router software which assumes a basic understanding in networking (or Wiki reading) itself. Your questions (if any) seem more like "why are you saying do this"...but you failed to actually ask me that...others complain I'm "dumbing down for them". You can never win online.

Also, I'm not sure why you edited the quote as-written in my profile to insert the word "in" - in academic circles, that's a red flag "[academic] dishonesty" may follow...this is especially true in an instance such as this, where the edit clearly makes the proceeding sentence nonsensical; and limits the context of the one actually quoted.

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Overall I see three different approaches.
a) Layer3 DNAT: Add all public IPs available to user to OpenWrt WAN interface then use DNAT to provide access to internal servers. My posts #57 and #59 detailed how to do this. Read them again word by word carefully and it should be clear. Read the reference links as well. SSH access to router is required as I don't know how to use uci or /etc/config/network to implement those 'ip add add' commands.
b) Layer2 Vlan: configure one public IP to each name server and put ISP, OpenWrt and name servers in the same vlan(vlan2 in this case).
c) proxy arp + Layer3 routing: Similar to b) but the public IP will be configured as sort of loopback on name server. I won't go into detail here.

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