Using zerotier to get a public IPv6 address for a computer without public IPv6

Life is all about trying, and this method should also be pure trying, which may be meaningful.

Currently, some companies and other commercial broadband do not issue ipv6 public network ip for the time being. This method can enable the company's computers to obtain public network ipv6 through the home router, but what it can do specifically is up to you to try.

First, it is necessary to achieve normal zerotier network interconnection, such as the company's computer has a zerotier client, the main router or bypass router at home has zerotier, and NAT can be used to distribute ipv6 public network addresses to lower-level devices.

Next, in the network, interface, and device, bridge the LAN with the zerotier device and save it. As shown in the figure, the operations of different openwrt versions are similar.

Then, it seems that nothing happened. The zerotier network card of the company's computer can automatically obtain the ipv6 public network ip. As shown in the figure

However, although there is an ipv6 public ip, the test website cannot be tested, but it does not affect the use of ipv6. The screenshot of accessing the ipv6 website is as follows

Ping the ipv6 website as shown in the figure.

I want to add some information. I used to be able to use ipv4 to access routers and intranet devices, but now I can't. I need ipv6 to access them. Both intranet ipv6 and public network ipv6 can be used to access them.
After thinking about it, I decided to add a screenshot

There are several temporary ones for ipv6. In fact, you can also access the router management page by using the address starting with 2408 in wwan6.

If some ipv6 websites cannot be opened, change the ipv4 properties of zerotier's virtual network card to automatically obtain an ip address

Everything is OK now, except the speed. It is greatly affected by the original IPv6 network. For example, the upstream speed at home is 4M, and the maximum downstream speed at the company is also 4M. It is not a direct connection, but is transferred through the home.

Now the test is also possible, full-featured ipv6.