Using wireless internet as source and providing wired internet connectivity in router

Hi all,
Is there a way to use a router with wireless capabilities to do the following:

  • Connect to a wireless internet in range
  • Provide internet to wired connections through the wireless internet it connects to
  • I'd like to be able to assign static IPv4 addresses to the devices that connect to the router via wired connections
    Please note, this is different from using a router as a range extender as the source of the internet connection is wireless and the user terminals are wired

nothing special to do, just scan and joint the network you are looking for. just make sure your lan ip range is not the same as the lan you use to connect,in your case wwan.


It looks like its the WNR2000 N300 Netgear router. What is this mode called and how do I set it up such that wireless bridges the two routers while wired connections provide computers internet access (fixed ip addresses)?

Though technically possible, the WNR2000 is not a good machine to run OpenWrt due to its small memory chips.

The use case you describe is called a routed client. OpenWrt doesn't have pre-set "modes" of operation.
The software configuration would be to detach the usual Ethernet port connection from the "wan" network and replace it with a wireless client connected to the other network.
The "masquerade" option is simpler, and the only one possible when you have no control of the other network's router. In this case the users of your router will have access to the Internet but not necessarily access to the LAN devices in the other network.