Using wireguard on latest rc shows unsupported interfaces

I am trying out 23.05.0-rc2 and I noticed that even though wireguard-tools, kmod-wireguard and one of the luci wireguard packages are all installed my configured wireguard interfaces show up as unsupported... lsmod shows interfaces

$ lsmod | grep wireguard
curve25519_neon        24576  1 wireguard
ip6_udp_tunnel         12288  1 wireguard
libchacha20poly1305    12288  1 wireguard
libcurve25519_generic   16384  2 wireguard,curve25519_neon
udp_tunnel             16384  1 wireguard
wireguard              57344  0

I noticed that the luci-app-wireguard package is missing from the packages I had installed previously, I assume that it's required, but it's not listed when I pull the opkg lists. Is there anything I can do other than wait for a full release?

Which luci package? Show up unsupported where?

Even tho you stated you have a mysterious luci wireguard package installed, I'd venture a guess that you may be missing luci-proto-wireguard package.


luci-proto-wireguard is installed, there is no luci-app-wireguard listed by opkg though

There isn't an separate app anymore. You only need the three apps you have installed. Where are you seeing it shown as an unsupported interface?

So, what I was seeing was the following, only on the Luci web interface. I was wonder if there was a way to confirm whether it was working via the CLI instead, but anyway...

  • On the Network > Interfaces luci page the two wireguard interfaces I had previously configured showed up as unsupported interfaces, below this showed a link to the software download page on my router with a pre-defined search term. However, the search term was just "luci-app-" iirc
  • In the Status > Wireguard luci page it showed no defined wireguard interfaces

I was planning on trying to reproduce this again this morning to get screengrabs/links to demonstrate the issue, but after changing boot partitions back to the rc2 I installed previously, the wireguard interfaces are now supported and appear to be working (I need to test network connectivity still). But I didn't install anything extra, just rebooted in to the old partition and back a few times and now it works. This is both good and confusing as I don't know what is fixed, I guess I just have to hope it doesn't happen again?