Using Wi-Fi range extender's connection via ethernet cable

Hi all!

I would like to know if it is possible (hardware-wise and software-wise) with OpenWRT to connect a wall-plug Wi-Fi range extender to a wireless network (open, secured or with captive portal) and get internet access on a computer connected to the range extender via ethernet cable?

Thank you!

Yes, it is.



Can you please walk me through the configuration steps?

Just connect to the network and put a cable in your lan port. That's all. No additional config required. If the power plug router is running openwrt, a wan interface named WWAN will spawn.

Well you'll have to log into OpenWrt, go to the wireless page and click scan for networks, then join the network you want to join. I don't like the "join" button, but if you're careful to use it only exactly once it will avoid needing any further configuration.

Thank you!

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