Using vpnbook with openvpn?

*hey there .. this is my last try to do that *
I spent full week trying to do it :slight_smile:
*so let's begin with what device I have *
tp link wr740n - I replaced the flash memory and used bigger one -- now i have about free 12 m.b
what I want ???
I just want to use vpn on this router to share the vpn with all connected devices " we have some problem in the place where i live so i need this "
*what I know .. using vpnbook is so easy on laptop or android *
but here no way .. I'm new with openwrt :frowning:
*so I installed openvpn on my router but after this every website say something different *
*really I don't understand what I should do and where to begin *

*if it so hard to do .. is there anyway to set proxy server " as like what you do on your browser or windows settings " on the router and share on wifi *

I talked a lot I'm so sorry but I'm tired from this :frowning:
help pls

Likely you need more than 32M of RAM.

A 32 MB device is about out of RAM doing basic stuff. Loading OpenVPN takes at least 5 MB regardless of how many users.

If you're saying your ISP network requires a proxy to get to the Internet, the official OpenVPN documentation includes how to set that up. This documentation covers a lot of other useful information as well. Since vpnbook provides a suggested .ovpn file, you should be using that file (with small modifications as needed) instead of LuCI / UCI. Note that simply searching for "OpenVPN" information tends to land on their commercial products. Go to the specific "community-resources" section that I have linked.

I suggest making a guest-like network that goes through the VPN, rather than redirect all traffic through the VPN. Then you can have a choice of regular or VPN internet based on which AP you connect to.

Vpnbook does work with OpenWrt, I have done it, but I don't think they should be trusted for important privacy or security. The saying is that when an Internet service is free, "you are the product."


I checked the available memory and you right .. just 3 m.b free and it's getting lower sometimes

The saying is that when an Internet service is free, " you are the product."... that's sure but what could I do .. I don't mind to pay for vpn but here where i live you can't even buy anything from internet Lol

anyway so I can't even think about vpn on my router with my died ram ... is it possible to use proxy server ?
or it's the same ?

8/32-device should be able to run OpenVPN.
Extroot and swap can make it more stable.
Follow OpenWrt wiki and OpenVPN wiki.
Troubleshooting starts with diagnostics.

okay :slight_smile:
could you show me just one wiki about openvpn and vpnbook at the same time ??

I can't find any wiki about setup vpnbook in openwrt
I lost my hope in this .

  • can use username/password-based OpenVPN accounts on OpenWrt?
  • VPNBook gives you the cert and addition you must use the cert/config for the correct port
  • You must configure the correct connect port
  • The password on VPNBook changes often
  • Some servers only permit the client to use HTTP and HTTPS
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fwiw, PDF documenting how to install openvpn client on HH5A using vpnbook as example can be found here:

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