Using VPN from different Network

Hey there i am breaking my head around this for days now.

I want to use the VPN access of OpenWRT with my device from my main Home Nezwork "FritzLan",
because the OpenWRT has no Wifi.

I followed this guide for the VPN setup and it works (as a client of openWRT Lan)

the OpenWRT router gets Internet access through the WAN port. Internet access is provided by the FritzBox network

a new unmanaged interface nordvpntun is being created
and a vpnFirewall with masquerading and MSS clamping is created

firewall of lan zone:
allowed forward to nordvpnTun

Now do I do this via the WAN port of the OpenWRT with routing?
Do I set up a DMZ?
What would be the simplest solution?

Meanwhile i tried to setup a route in OpenWRT with target (Client) and (Lan Gateway), in my laptop i used the google dns and as gateway the OpenWRT Router (

It didn't work. Do i need a route back also, or is this approach wrong?

I do not think you have to do any of that so delete it.
Like you described this is just a secondary router with double NAT. If so setup your OpenVPN client according to the instructions.

Of course it only works from clients connected to that OpenWRT router, not from clients of your main network

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Access FROM OpenWRT-lan TO Fritzbox-lan should work. But in reverse direction should not.

Is this what you're trying to achieve? Force your laptop to use OpenWRT so that the laptop can then use NordVPN through OpenWRT's link to NordVPN?

thank you for your answers. I have not thought properly ..

i deleted the WAN interface, deactivated DHCP in OpenWRT on the LAN interface, assigned to it an IP from the Fritz Lan (192.168.178.x) and configured the Fritz router as gateway for this interface. And now any client can use this gateway if needed.

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Excellent. As long as it's working, that's the main thing.