Using TP-Link WR841N v 14 as Range extender with PEAP Authentication

I recently bought a TP-Link WR841N v 14 router to use as a range extender in my office. My office has a central WiFi with PEAP Authentication(MSCHAPv2 certificate). Using the range extender option in the TP-Link firmware, I could not connect to my office wifi as the only supported authentication modes were WPA/WPA2/WEP. I plan to install OpenWRT on my device. I know that OpenWRT can be used as a range extender but can it connect to and extend a network using PEAP Authentication?

Also... I just found out that there's no OpenWRT firmware for version 14 of the device? Could I just install the one for version 13?

Authentication for wireless under OpenWrt is done with the hostap utilities. Configuration for MSCHAPv2 is listed at

The 841 v14 doesn't immediately look to be supported (yet?) --[Model*~]=841

Edit: Without knowing the hardware details of the TP-Link 841 v14, flashing the release version for the v13 would be "rolling the dice". While the hardware recently changed with v13 compared to earlier models, it may have changed again. There may be "development" builds or other information on the v14 linked in the forums here. See @tmomas link a couple posts down.

If you just bought it and can still return it, you might want to consider a moderately priced device in the US $20-40 range with sufficient flash and RAM , where dual-band 802.11ac support tends to be at the upper end of that range.

Anything prior to Edit: OpenWrt v17 should be considered insecure as it hasn't been actively maintained for years now and certainly includes multiple kernel and application vulnerabilities, which are likely being actively exploited. Your IT department would be justified in having a proper fit if you connect with such a device.

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Version 17? I thought version 15 was the latest version of OpenWRT? And I was talking about hardware version when I said it was version 14.

You mean: OpenWrt 17.01.x
The OP means: Hardware revision v14 of TL-WR841N

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My apologies, yes, I was referring to OpenWrt 17.05 and 18.06.

Current supporting activities: Support for TL-WR841N v14

We don't even know what's inside, therefore it's impossible to say if a v13 image will work on a v14.

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