Using TL-MR3020 + VPN + phone as a hotspot

Hi all,
I want to create the following set up, but not sure whether it is possible.

  1. I want to use my phone as a wifi hotspot
  2. I want all of my traffic to go through ProtonVPN

I have t-link TL-MR3020 (v3.2) with openwrt installed.

I appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction wrt to the following questions–

  1. I assume I need to add VPN-related packages to it, but how is unclear. I assume I need to connect it to internet via LAN, and then login into the management console via wifi and use package manager?

  2. wifi is not activated by default. How do I create a wifi access point on tl-MR3020?

  3. what mode my tl-MR3020 should be in? I doubt it is "repeater"... is it "connecting two networks"? how do I set it up with openwrt?

thank you for your help.

If you're using your cellphone as the modem, connect it using the USB port and tether,
then share the data from the 3020 using WIFI and ethernet port.

depends on the VPN, openvpn or wireguard ?

using an ethernet cable.

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