Using telegraf, influxdb & grafana

hi world,

i'm using influxdb and grafana for monitoring my systems.
on my openwrt raspberry (Pi3B) i installed telegraf manually described here and added an additional config for CPU & CPU temp:




   files = ["/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp"]
   name_override = "cpu_temperature"
   data_format = "value"
   data_type = "integer"

   commands = ["/usr/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp"]
   name_override = "gpu_temperature"
   data_format = "grok"
   grok_patterns = ["%{NUMBER:value:float}"]

but in grafana I don't see any cpu/gpu data nor any network data.

what am i doing wrong?

I don’t see it in your telegraf.conf listing, so first question would be: is telegraf pointing at your influx.db instance?

Yes, telegraf.conf is configured and connecting to my influxdb, I can see the logs receiving data from openwrt.