Using SSH keys to connect to openwrt and servers

Hi, I managed to configure rsa connection to dropbear and at the moment I can connect to my router using putty with key authentication(using private kay)

My question is how do I make windows CMD to use my private key and connect so I can create tunnels to local services on openwrt. I prefere CMD on windows 10 more than putty pls help

This is 100% not an OpenWrt question.

Resources easily found with a search engine explain it:

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Have you tried using ssh's -i identity_file option?


It appears to be a rather faithful port of the OpenSSH client, so yes -i would be your friend. There is probably also something equivalent to hiding a .ssh/id_rsa file (containing the private key which will then be automatically used) in your home directory.

As ssh-agent is available, that also lets you use a signed key (recommended by many) that you "enable" once for your session, rather than an unlocked key on the host.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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