Using same url inside and outside of network

I've setup Nextcloud on a computer in my network, and setup a Cloudflare tunnel so that I can access it outside of my network though nextcloud.<mydomain>.org. When I'm inside my network I'd like to use the same url to access Nextcloud, but I'd like my traffic to go directly to my computer running Nextcloud, instead of traveling across Cloudflare's network.

In luci (Network -> DHCP and DNS) I've setup a static lease with a hostname (weakhp) attached the the Nextcloud computer's MAC and ipv4 address, and then (Network -> Hostnames) setup a host name for nextcloud.<mydomain>.org that points to the ipv4 address defined in the static lease.

When I run nslookup nextcloud.<mydomain>.org I get the local ipv4 address defined in the static lease, but the ipv6 addresses are Cloudflare's. What should I do so that the ipv6 also returns a direct address to my Nextcloud Computer?

My router is a WRT32X running 21.02. I've also got https-dns-proxy and adblock running on it. I've got a DSL internet connection.


The same for ipv6.

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