Using RUT955 Analog Input for reading voltages, and digital inputs


I am testing OpenWRT on a Teltonika RUT955 (batch 087 so it is the newer revision), it seems to be fine so far, while trying the gpio outputs with gpioctl I was wondering if there is any way to read an analog voltage using the pin 9 and 6 of the I/O connector of which you can find the pinout here:

speaking of the digital inputs (pins 1&6, 2&7), are they both managed by the same gpio chip? The second is referenced in the teltonika documentation as "ioman.gpio.iio - Digital galvanically isolated input", so I tried to install iio-utils, but maybe that name is just deceiving and it's not really an iio?

Has anyone tried this feature, and found if there are any sysfs nodes for the adc, and for the digital inputs?

Thank you