Using router instead of PiHole

I have a TP-Link TL-WR740N just lying around and I thought of using it to block ads and malicious sites, just like a PiHole. I was wondering if and how I can set up OpenWrt on my router to act just as a DNS server with a list of blacklisted IPs.

From what I understand, I should set up my modem (I have the credentials) to use my WR-740N router's IP as DNS Server. Then, set up the WR-740N's DNS to something I choose (like 1. or other), and set up a list of blacklisted IPs, but I might be wrong.

I have the following setup, and I wanted to know if this is possible.
Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, it may not have enough RAM.
Even the most compact adblocker implementation based on dnsmasq requires ~20 MB RAM.
OpenWrt Adblock can easily consume 100+ MB.


First of all, thank you for replying

I have version 4.24 and, according to that page, it has 32MB of RAM, is it not enough?

I also have a TL-WR841N v13 (64MB of RAM), would it be a better option?

Check out the system requirements for Simple AdBlock and Adblock.

That one should be able to run Simple AdBlock.