Using release ATH79 19.07.0 kernel and packages on hardware modded TP-Link WR703N (16MB/64MB) without SNAPSHOT compilation

@wyf88 I won't to support release 21.02 and higher due to dramatic performance degradation on device. speedtest

21.02.0 For testing purposes only.

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Download link is not working for me, could you share image on a different server?
Also if you could share patching instructions for 21.02 to be able to compile images and test I would appreciate.


21.02.0 updated.

From the topic title:


Do you mean Mega bit or Mega Byte?

" The file you requested has been deleted".


21.02.0 - FexNet will be accessible within one week.

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MB (megabyte) flat, you are right.

Thanks a lot!
Just curious what causes the performance degradation, whether it is because the software flow offloading is disabled due to the bug in 21.02.0.

I think it is due to Linux kernel 5.x requires more powerful hardware.
I'm not sure but ath9330 does not have hardware acceleartion for traffic flow.

19.07.8 and others on GoogleDrive

need new 21.0.2 version with dts!

@Tarask1n sorry to ask dumb question how you set the environtment to variable $lzma util path becouse the information in the internet is rare

i want to mod my router almost the same as askeleticsaba (wr1043v1) but i have is v2 which is kinda bit different it use mlzma same as op router use soo i cannot just copy paste the askeleticsaba code (i tried and welp i brick it)

meanwhile if i want to use the new openwrt 20.02 version what code should i change to make it work


python3 ~/openwrt-imagebuilder-...


LZMA_UTIL_PATH=YOUR_PATH python3 ~/openwrt-imagebuilder-...

21.02.1 Performance degradation still persist.


sorry for late reply becouse the shit show with the method i am using

thank you for helping me @Tarask1n @keleticsaba thx you

meanwhile for shit and giggle ever tried for 32mb flash

meanwhile screenshot from my 19.07.8 tp wr1043nd v2


i will make the guide for my router to 16mb somewhere in the forum

Please can you share it or help me with that. I have same router wr1043nd v2 but without success to use 16MB mod. I can see only 8MB :frowning:

sure @martinkura sorry for late late reply

@martinkura i really really sorry for late reply becouse i just forget to chechk my email and testing for any defect in ym firmware

soo in the file there is 2 type with luci or no luci

and there is upgrade file in other folder