Using rc-4 but still iptables is used by packages

I installed the latest rc-4, (22.03.0-rc4 from 22.03.0-rc1)

|Model|Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2|
|Architecture|ARMv8 Processor rev 3|
|Target Platform|bcm27xx/bcm2711|
|Firmware Version|OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc4 r19426-2b1941e47d / LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch git-22.140.66268-ef99568|
|Kernel Version|5.10.120|

Posted this in the release and security announcements;

mwan3 and VPN Policy Routing is still using iptables, is this because it's a release candidate, or do I have another issue?

Still in issue as to do item; as in the PR is not pushed yet.


ooh missed that list thanks!

More importantly, there is this PR:

Currently, installing "iptables" results incorrectly in iptables-legacy being installed, whereas the default should be iptables-nft.

Worse still, it is possible to have iptables-legacy and iptables-nft both installed at the same time....

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