Using Raspberry Pi 4 with USB GbE interface using VLANs to AP

Would someone post /etc/config/network of their setup? I don't understand how to get DSA working with only one port. I followed onemarcfifty video.

You don't mention what release you're running - if it's 21.02.x DSA isn't supported on the bcrm27xx (RPi) targets.

I am OK to run a daily snapshot. Are you sure about no DSA for this target? I think other people use VLAN tagging on it.

DSA is not required for VLAN tagging. You can do it by dotted notation, i.e. adding a decimal point and then the required VLAN tag to the device name when creating an interface (eth0.1, eth0.2, eth0.3 etc.).


Here is a bit of large thread, but it answers your questions. The final post is where I summarized the config files and firewall settings for doing what you want. Really grateful for @arinc9 helping to accomplish it. If you use this, thank him too :+1: