Using Quagga BGP and debugging

I am part of a bigger network on 4 sites with 12 networks in total and would like to use BGP to make things easier to manage when the network continues to grow, and it will. I decided to use Quagga BGP and configured it as shown below.

The other site I am trying to connect to using BGP is running a PfSense router that I (hopefully) configured correctly using the web-interface. I am going to refer to this site as "Site B".

But my problem is that the routes that should receive from Site B are not there on my Site A. The same is true the other way around because the other network I am announcing is I was unable to find good learning material to get started with Quagga and it would be great if anyone could help me out here.

How do I debug Quagga BGP // which commands can I use to get the status?

password zebra
enable password zebra
log stdout
router bgp 65008
bgp router-id
! Declare announced networks
! Announce networks
neighbor remote-as 65000
neighbor description Mow Network
neighbor distribute-list localnet-in in
neighbor distribute-list localnet-out out
! incoming routes
access-list localnet-in permit
access-list localnet-in deny any
! announcing routes
access-list localnet-out permit any
access-list vty permit
access-list vty deny any
line vty
 access-class vty