Using OpenWrt with 8devices-Lima Boards

Hi All,

I have got couple of 8devices-lima development boards which have got bricked and I am trying to revive it. I see that the OpenWRT has got support for the lima boards and also for the qualcomm-4531 tragets. I assume the flash drivers would be same as for the AR71xx as I didn't see any flash driver getting added to repository when the Lima support was added.

After reading through the specification of QCA-4531, I understand that it supports both JTAG and EJTAG which can be controlled via a GPIO pin. What I dont know is which interface to use to talk to these devices from OpenWRT. So far I have tried a JLink Pro but I was not able to make any communication with the device. It looks like JLink doesn't support these hardware's (MIPS24kc) but it was just a try. I also came across a internet post explaining how to use the parallel port to interface with a AR71XX board using the parallel port with the help of Wiggler cables. But I couldn't try this as none of my laptop has got a parallel port.

Our custom board based on the Lima is going to go on production and so we'd like to have a debug environment ready for these devices.

I'd really appreciate if someone could guide me on how to use OpenWRT with the boards based on LIMA. If there are any new hardware's required I am ready to procure them and that shouldn't be problem.

Thanks in advance.


This board is officially supported in OpenOCD: