Using OpenWrt for SQM purposes only with no wifi

I'm having some wifi stability issues on OpenWrt, but I'd love to continue using the SQM functions of the router. I would like to use an alternate router to provide wifi to the home, but I'm unsure how to go about it. Would this be an Access Point I'm trying to set up? Not a Dumb AP because I would need this second router to provide ip addresses through DHCP right?

If someone can please point me in the right direction cause I don't know what this would be called :sweat_smile:

I'm not sure the terms matter...An AP.

I would just:

  • Plug into LAN
  • Assign an IP
  • (in your case, you want to leave DHCP on)
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My TpLink router I want to use to provide Wifi has an "Access Point" mode, but I'm thinking maybe set it to work as a traditional wireless router?

Also, should I put this under DMZ in the OpenWrt router?


  • There is no such thing by default
  • I don't know your use case entirely
  • I specified connecting to LAN, there's no firewall traversing in the same zone
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Thanks for the help!

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