Using OpenWrt as firewall, am I missing something?

I just ditched PFSense and started using my WAC104 directly as router and wifi AP. Since it does not have a switch and doesn't come with a WAN port, I had to configure LAN1 to be WAN by loosely following this guide. So far so good, doing ports checks shows everything as closed from the outside. Port forwarding for ssh also works (no password, key based only for safety). However, Parsec works somehow. I tried to see if there was some UPNP but apparently OpenWRT doesn't come with it by default. So my question is how the hell am I able to connect to Parsec host from outside my home without any port forwarding enabled? Am I missing something?

You can install UPnP, or you can open / forward a port.

That is not my question. I am wondering how I can access Parsec without neither UPnP nor port forwarding. I am worried that I have missed something in the firewall config but all ports seem closed from outside.

Likely because Parsec is apparently designed to be NAT reachable.
Your Parsec host program connects to the global Parsec server and creates a NAT traversal path through your firewall. Your Parsec clients then use that to connect.

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Thanks that explains a lot. For anyone else wondering, here is a more beginner friendly page explaining everything. If I understand well, that STUN is called "UDP Holepunching" in this article.

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