Using Openwrt as alternative to pi hole?

Hoi all,

Any good tips on how to use openwrt as an alternative to pi hole? The idea is to use it only as DNS /block provider so it wont influence speed or traffic in general...

How do i achieve the same ???

Maybe only setting up lan and DHCP but no wan + simple adblock? This way i think the pi would not influence on network speed same as pi hole? Trying to set it up as transparent as possible.

Pihole and Adblock should pretty much be the same.


YEah but what i'm interested is on avoiding the pi from bottlenecking the network...i'm wondering if i use it as adblock only + dhcp for lan i should achieve same kind of performance as a pi hole?

Because if i use openwrt with full routing then it bottlenecks my 2.5gb NW.

You could set it up as a DHCP/DNS server running adblock and it would be functionally very similar to pihole. And if you weren't routing through it it'd probably not impact on your overall network speeds. But it does beg the question of why not just use pihole?

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Because i like Openwrt more, Pihole is annoying to set up i prefer Openwrt a lot more.

i will try it like that, should firewall also be off right? xD

What's the config like on such scenario? Do you have any example maybe or good ideas just so i get an inspiration?

Depending on your OW device, can you consider running pihole in a linux container on that OW device? I have this setup (RPi4B before and now x86 mini PC) and it does not bottle neck anything.

You might end up obtaining the reverse result, pretty much depends of the hardware.
Just use pihole as dns/sinkhole only.
I use it even from the cloud provider over vpn and it barely consumes 2-3 Mb of data traffic daily.
How this can ever be a bottleneck?

I think i didnt explain enough, what i was doing was using the pi as main router and that yes was a bottleneck, so now what i want to do is use it only as dhcp + adblock so that wont bottleneck anything.

Pi hole doesnt work for me, i dont like that interface and setting up IP and everything was VERY annoying there, i like Openwrt more.

With that said, which config should i use on dnsmask that gives me same effect?