Using obfsproxy to hide VPN traffic

Hi everyone! I'm trying to put together a Raspberry Pi 4 that obfuscates OpenVPN traffic using obfsproxy, but I haven't been successful in getting traffic to route through my VPN. My obfsproxy/OpenVPN server is operating correctly and works well with several Linux/Windows machines, so I'm confident that the server configuration is correct.

I've been able to get OpenWrt to successfully connect to the server using obfsproxy, but I haven't been able to get traffic to correctly route through the VPN once established. I've gone as far as creating a static IP that obfsproxy listens on and routed the zones to allow communication between the LAN and TUN0 interfaces.

I'm not sure if this is the correct route to take, so if anyone has other suggestions, please let me know!

I haven't used it, so it is only my consideration.

Have you configured pure OpenVPN-connection from OpenWRT-router without obfsproxy?

I have. Everything seems to work well without obfsproxy, which makes me think there's something going on with the network translation.

OK, next step is to configure obfsproxy. Both server and client should be configured, client on OpenWRT router. How have you tried to configure it, normal proxy or socks proxy? OpenVPN should use TCP protocol.