Using MWAN3 for LTE and DSL

Hi everybody,
I'm new here. I bought an router on Aliexpress (WE826-T2).
The router has an LTE module, and also WAN port.
I would like to use LTE and WAN (using DSL flow) and make agregation.
I would like to use MultiWAN3, but before that 4G flow doesnt work...
Can someone help me, and also let's do a teamviewer call! :slight_smile:
Thanks, that's for educational purposes, so I really need your helps guys!

For security concerns (of both parties), I don't advise this.

In order to learn, I very much advise you to perform your own work.

Hi lleachii,
Thanks for your help.
We already have done researches and experimentations with OpenWRT, and our project isnt in a good way.
In 2 weeks we have our final exam, and we really need someone who can help us...

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Hope these help:

All the best on your exam!!!

This link would also help to get familiar with mwan3.

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