Using multiple VPN providers OpenVPN

Hey all, I currently have ExpressVPN servers setup on my openwrt router, that are working well. I would like to add some servers from NordVPN and SurfShark too, I was wondering if this is as simple as just installing the OVPN files from those companies, and/or if there is anything I should do to ensure I can switch between the different provider's servers?

NordVPNs guide for openwrt describes setting up the TUN0 interface which I already did for Expressvpn, would I repeat this process or would I use the current TUN0 for both (all 3) providers?

Sorry if these are silly questions, still learning how the Openwrt and the VPNs work!


Just change TunX to Tun0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / etc

If you use bonding/ifenslave you can use LACP to load balance them into a higher bandwidth.

Nord w/ Nordlynx (WG) though will hit line speed w/o the need to juggle IP's. The other issue using more than 1 provider is the packets might have issues comin back into your network.

Is your intention to bond the connections (as @Tech_Junky suggested), or are you looking simply to have multiple different services available to you (different geos or companies) to handle your traffic? Do you want to have the multiple VPN providers running concurrently, or would it be one at a time? And if concurrent, what is the desired outcome of a concurrent situation?

The LuCI OpenVPN app has a simple UI for enabling/disabling each OpenVPN config. If you want them to run concurrently, you may need mwan and/or VPN Policy Based Routing to get everything working as you want.

I suppose, you want to run single VPN at the time. Since manuals differ, the most universal approach is to configure minimal section in /etc/config/openvpn, and after that make symlink to specific OpenVPN-configuration file.