Using multiple APs with VLANs + SSIDs

Can you please share more details here or any links/tutorials to follow.

I have MicroTik HEXs, Cisco 2960X, 5 x TP-Link C6.
Curently the MicroTik is tagged VLAN trunk to Cisco VLAN 100.
All ports on Cisco are Access VLAN 100
5 x TP-Link Dumb APs are broadcasting 1 SSID with mobility domain 4f52, which has internal network access within my home.
I'd like to set APs to broadcast secondary guest SSID, with roaming, let's say VLAN 200?

Any sugestions?


I've gone ahead and moved your question to a new thread.

Are these all running OpenWr?

Is the 'Tik running OpenWrt? And is this the main router?

Are the VLANs already setup on the 'Tik and Cisco?

The 802.11r stuff may or may not be useful in the end... I recommend turning it off until you have configured and tuned all the APs and then you can try it when you know things are already well optimized.

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