Using laptop as bridge to connect OpenWRT router to internet for setup?

I'm trying to get internet access for my OpenWRT router so I can install LuCI onto it.

The current setup:

OpenWRT LAN1 <--> Eth-USB Adapter <--> Laptop <--> WiFi to home router

SSH works. But attempts to update opkg or ping the outside world don't work, presumably because the Ethernet connection isn't able to use my laptop's wireless connection to the home router.

I've tried using a network bridge in the Windows Control Panel, but this removes the ability for me to SSH into the router. I've manually edited the router's IP to to prevent IP duplication with the home router.

I've tried connecting the router to the laptop via the WAN port, but then I have no idea what IP addresses I'm meant to SSH with.

Is there a way for me to tell the router to use my laptop as its WAN, and have the laptop actually forward requests via WiFi to the outside world, while being able to SSH into the router from the same laptop?

Most of this is a matter of setting up network sharing (wifi > ethernet) within Windows. Have you connected another regular computer to the usb-ethernet port on the windows machine to verify that this part of the equation is functioning?

Alternatively, is there a reason you can't or don't want to connect the OpenWrt router directly to the upstream wifi (i.e. as a wifi client/wireless wan)?

The reason is that it would be a tedious process to disconnect and reconnect everything closer to the home router, given that the laptop is also connected to other things that require it. If I can't find a solution, I'll probably resort to that, but I thought it would be easy enough in software.

I don't have a second device to test this with, so I'll assume that it's an issue with my network sharing and not the router. Thanks for the help.

Oh, as a WiFi client --- I completely forgot to try that. Will try.

See this: