Using ImageBuilder & SDK

That is not a big problem because i can use ImageBuilder for compile a good firmware but requiert to edit manually for modify options as kmod-xxx …

With the SDK i have a menuconfig but no TARGET !!!

Could you tell me how i can just have menuconfig (graphic menu) with the imagebuilder ?

  1. sdk -> packages ( compiles -> post install .ipk generally )
  2. imagebuilder -> packs ( does not compile )
  3. buildroot -> compiles

1 & 2 are generally locked to a specific target which is set by 3

  1. Use if you want to develop/compile a package for a specific target
  2. Use if you ONLY want to modify which packages/files are included in a rom
  3. Use if either of the above don't fit, or mods go beyond packages

give an overview of your broad goals... maybe that will assist

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in my case I don't have buildroot sources like ... git ... openwrt.git
I only have the imagebuilder & SDK

what I would like is actually to use both to be able to do as with the buildroot

  • to do what exactly?
  • what are the blockages for you in getting or using a proper buildroot... github will give you a zip similar to the sdk...
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