Using Homenetwork with VPN

Hey There,

I'm using a Linksys router with openwrt and openvpn successfully... My network works like a charm. My problem is that i have setup a vpn on my android phone with a killswitch. I have an android mobile and tried using my VPN providers original app to autoconnect my mobile once i connect with mobile data, but to diconnect my trusted vpn router. Its not working and once i connect with my home network i get slower speeds, if the connection persists. I do also have smardevice that require network access. I have tried to find a auto connect solution by using openvpn for android without success (there is no option). I have read about a solution where I use the killswitch option of my smartphone and access my network permanantly using NAT loopback. Another Idea would be a virtual Network (like Hamachi). Is that possible? How? :slight_smile: Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!