Using device as basic client - no routing

Hi everyone
I have some HLK-7688AN modules which are supported by OpenWrt
Is it possible to build an image for them which allows them to connect as a simple client to lan/wan without any router or routing features? They will be going into end-devices which are not routers.

You can configure interface to get IP by DHCP, so what is your question? Is you memory sufficient to install 'standard' image of OpenWRT?

Hi ulmwind
So forgive my ignorance :wink: I am quite new to OpenWrt.
As I see it, OpenWrt is geared towards routers - so basically I am asking, how do I configure the build to start in STA mode, and remove any unncessary Router features. The web interface is also geared towards routers - so what's the best way to build an image for a simple client device, using HLK-7688AN modules.

I would start by installing the baseline OpenWrt, then config it to your needs. Next, use the build image with your config files.

Change the existing 'lan' interface so it is not a bridge. (A regular STA interface cannot be placed into a bridge.) Then static IP or DHCP client the lan, and remove wan or just don't use it.

The "router" related stuff will just sit there and do nothing (other than taking up memory space) if you're not actually routing.

Thank you!

Thank you! Such great answers - exactly what I was looking for.