Using cellular data while connected to WiFi

I see this has been asked before, but I haven't found a clear answer. Can anyone think of a way to config a router without an internet connection to somehow 'convince' an iPhone to use its cellular data while still connected to the offline network? -- Use case: iPhone to interact with an app that is locally hosted on another machine that is connected to the same offline network. Don't want to disconnect from the network in order to use cell data.

I know it can be done by manually setting the IP and leaving the router address blank, but I'd like to achieve the same result without changing any settings on the iPhone, if it's even possible.

*EDIT to add: The machine hosting the web application is wired to the router as it doesn't have wireless capabilities.

It is called adhoc wifi or wifi-direct. See alternative modes where Access Point is selected.

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention the other machine is hard-wired to the router without wireless capability. I interact with its web app using the IP and port#. I have very minimal knowledge on the subject, but I didn't think you could use an ad-hoc network that way. Any ideas?

I understand where you are coming from.
That needs some clarification. Maybe just lost in translation?

I have an iPhone and I have this problem too.

This is considered 'off-topic' because it, honestly, has nothing to do with OpenWrt; so I'll be pithy.

If my phone thinks it has a wifi connection it just will not use cellular but you can enable 'wi-fi assist'.

Added more info to the OP for clarification. Is that what you meant?

I agree, wifi assist is great when it switches over. It just doesn't seem to activate when connected to my offline network. In my experience, it activates more frequently when connected to a network with an internet connection, but is experiencing issues or very slow speeds.

'In my experience' this is an Apple issue: I ,also, have an Android phone and it does not have the same issue.
I have never seen a fix, in OpenWrt, but maybe this thread will bring forward someone that can search better than I can.

Definitely an Apple issue. Thanks Apple! -- I know it's a long shot, but I'm just crossing my fingers hoping someone smarter than me has a trick up their sleeve.

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