Using Asus DSL-N16 as a modem with the new router

My subscription is ADSL 16Mbps.
I have a modem-router Asus DSL-N16.

Im having strong buffer-bloat,
So I’ve decided to get a router (TP-Link Archer C6).
Run it with openWRT and use SQM.

My question is… Can I use the Asus N16 as a modem without having buffer-bloat?

If not, what do you suggest?

Thank you in advance

You have to ask your provider if the modem can be set to bridge mode

Thank you for your reply.

Yeah it does have a bridge mode.

So it will be enough for the new router?

What do you think of Netgear R6260 router?

Should be sufficient for your 16 Mb/s ADSL

Thank you
Really appreciate your help