Using an OpenWrt Router with Zyxel Modem in Bridge for PPPoE

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Currently I have a lot of free time and been wondering, if my modem (running in Bridge mode for VLAN tagging on PPPoE) could be a security risk.

Modem is a Zyxel VMG1312 (which is recommended for my Deutsche Telekom VLAN (my provider)

What I did is, that I have performed a reset on the modem and then only plugged in my router in LAN Port 4 for automatic VLAN 7 assignment (described here: PPPoE Connection "Unknown error: User Request" // Deutsche Telekom VDSL - #9 by Lasko)

  • Should I be worried about the firmware on the Zyxel device?

  • Should I also update the firmware of the Zyxel regularly? Cause it only forwards the traffic.

  • Can my network be compromised over the Zyxel device when it is only in bridge mode?

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When using the modem in bridge mode, it no longer has a public IP. Hence it is not possible to access it from the internet, as it only forwards packets from adsl interface to the ethernet.
The only negative is that you might miss any upgrades initiated by your ISP, so you probably want to upgrade it manually, regardless of the fact that it is in bridge mode.

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Thank your very much for the explanation.

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