Using an not supported device (Teltonika RUT950)

Hi! The router I'm using (Teltonika RUT950) is not listed as supported by the latest firmware, but I have seen old posts about others installing older firmware on the same device. I know it's a stretch asking, but I'm in a hurry to use SQM on my router, so I'd like to know if anyone here has tested openWRT on a RUT950. If not (and I realize it's on my own risk), I'd like to know what you think my chances are at trying to install the latest openWRT without bricking the router?

Sorry for my somewhat vague question, but I figured there's no harm in just throwing it out there.

I have nothing for you what the router itself belongs. But there is a commit (feb. 2020) for this specific device on ath79. So you could try to make your own build and flash it.
If you don't have any experience in doing your own builds it will be a time consuming project. :wink:

Flash instruction:

Vendor firmware is based on OpenWrt CC release. Use the "factory" image
directly in GUI (make sure to uncheck "keep settings") or in U-Boot web
based recovery. To avoid any problems, make sure to first update vendor
firmware to latest version - "factory" image was successfully tested on
device running "RUT9XX_R_00.06.051" firmware and U-Boot "3.0.2".

In any case I would recommend to have a USB-TTL device in backhand if something goes wrong.

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