Using a VPN to secure wireless connections


Following Crack WPA2 vulnerabilities (1) and WPA3 Dragonblod (2), WPA current implementations are dead, I would like to setup a VPN client on top of each Wireless link.

My clients are mainly GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Android devices. This is for home use and testing/learning purpose.

Which VPN would you recommend for installation in OpenWRT? I was thinking of IPSec (FreeSwan), but it seems to need a configuration by hand. IPsec clients are available natively in most systems.

My main routers are Glinet b1300 and APU1c. None of those has AES-NI, so the output might be very low, but never mind.

Any comments or links on OpenWRT wiki before I start? Any recommandations? Are some of you securing wireless with a VPN?