Using a usb 3g modem in 2019!

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to get my usb 3g-modem running on my lede 17.01.4 (because 18.x is buggy for my device with 4mb flash).

I have all the necessary packages together as in this guide:

Problem is when I plug in my usb modem (Option iCON 225 - supported with kmod-usb-serial-option package) I always get this message in the log

usb 2-1: new full-speed USB device number 2 using ohci-platform
hso 2-1:1.0: Not our interface

and I'm not able to utilize the device :roll_eyes:

As always - help highly appreciated! Thank's!

I'm the first one with

Not our interface

in this forum.

I found one github issue which mentions this, for reference:

my issue still persistence. If some one has an idea - I'm here :wink:

try via a separately powered USB hub

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I need to try that - sadly I cleaned my stuff and got rid of all the many things I didn't used in the last years (including powered usb hubs) :smirk: Let's see if someone can lend me one...