Using a SSD on WRT3200ACM with Openwrt davidc502

Hi Guys, I am relatively new to OpenWrt, I had been on the generic build for the WRT3200ACM OpenWrt 19.07.3 Master for about a month now. I had managed to get OpenWrt to recognise my SSD via the ESATA port fine. But as of last night, I made the decision to change to a different build of OpenWrt, I flashed the latest version of Davidc502 community snapshot and it runs like a dream.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get Luci to detect my SSD via mount-points. I have tried reattaching the SSD but still not detected, it is formatted with F2FS but I have the F2FS packages installed.

Hey there Hex. I too have a WRT3200ACM. David's build are great and this device runs rock solid on it! I can say I struggled with setting up the an SSD drive with Samba myself. I read every thing I could about formatting the SSD drive, and configuring the mount points, and Samba shares for OpenWRT. I would recommend you take the same route as everyone's needs are different and the configuration that worked for me may not be what you need. The devil is in the details. Think drive security, volume formatting, mount points, various privileges on the shares you set up. You will want to plan that in advance.

In general I found the solution is less specific to any OpenWRT build, and more specific to setting up the mount points correctly. Some trial and error may be required. Once you get that correct, the rest is fairly simple. Try this first... Connect the SSD drive (I assume it's in an enclosure) to one the USB or SATA/USB ports in the back of the router. Power it up. Log in to the router via Luci. Go to System > Mount Points. Click Mount Attached Devices. If you see the device register, you are in luck and may continue. If not, make sure you have the correct USB drivers installed and that they match the format of your SSD drive. EXT4 and EXFAT work for me.

Once you have that figured out, go back to System > Mount Points and create a mount point. If nothing is on the drive, set up as /mnt/usb1 or /mnt/usb2. (What you call the mount point does not matter.) Set filesystem to "auto", set your mount options (mine are rw,sync - what you need may be different), "No" for Run Filesystem check if you plan on using the same drive for that port, check the Enabled checkbox, save it and you should be all set. From there you can configure Samba.

Good luck!

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Thanks for that,

I alread know the process of setting up a drive, rather I am having troble with openwrt detecting my drive. I know there is no fault with it as I can plug it into my main system and works as intended.