Using a Fritz 7360 V1 as a DSL Server

I was wondering if it would be possible to set up a Fritz 7360 V1 (DSL modem is well supported) to be a dsl server and to use another Fritz 7360 V1 as the client? The idea is to be able to use old in-house telephone wiring to extend a network.

The reason that I ask, is that I also have a pair of VDSL2 Converters (LCS-VE664) and the difference between the "server" side and the "client" side is only a dip switch. If it's only a question of configuration, then I think it would be really useful to be able to do something similar in OpenWrt.

Is there any real hardware difference between the server side and the client side of the dsl connection? If so, can someone explain?

Also, I have tried to find any documentation on the OpenWrt Wiki, but I haven't found anything with descriptions about what the different options for dsl config are. If someone has a link to somewhere, I would also appreciate it.