Using 2 TP-Link EAP225 V3 with Fast Roaming


I have two TP-Link EAP 225 V3 access points which are connected directly to my ISP router and not managed by TP-Link Omada controller which enables fast roaming among other things. So I'm left with two separate SSIDs for each, and roaming issues.

I was wondering if I could use one EAP 225 V3 as the main 'router', and the secondary just as a dumb access point? And have the appropriate configurations for fast roaming that are available in this forum.

Thank you

Doesn't it only have one port ?

Yes... but they are both connected to a TP-Link PoE Switch..

which is fine and dandy, but it's trickier to set up a router if you only have one port ...

So maybe I'm not using the appropriate taxonomy here... Or didn't disclose my entire setup:

TP-Link Router ER605
TP-Link 10-port PoE Managed Switch TL-SG2210MP
3X wireless Access Points EAP 225v3, single WAN port

I want to install OpenWrt on the access points and enable roaming through them.

In the TP-Link world, that is achieved by a central piece, which is software running on my Linux server. That server also has Adguard which provides DNS and DHCP.

My question is: do I have to have one of the access points to be configured differently then just a dumb AP to achieve full roaming capabilities between the 3.

no you don't, simply enable 802.11r on all of them.

…and that is already an optimization, not a requirement.