User misconfiguration keeps port 53 open on the wan interface

The https-dns-proxy service keeps port 53 open on the wan interface, that is, open port 53 is visible from the Internet. If the service is stopped, then everything is fine. Please tell me how to close it so that it does not glow?

Says who ?

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I scanned my router for open ports and tcp port 53 is open, visible on the Internet, how can I close it without disabling the https-dns-proxy service ?

scanned how, from where ?

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scanned inside and scanned outside

that doesn't answer the question ...

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I have stat ip and I scanned from another stat ip address and you can see that open tcp port 53

still only answering half of the question ...

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so what should i answer?
I have a question how to close it?

everyone has it open, who installed the latest version
luci-app-https-dns-proxy , I'm sure of it

I have 3 routers and tcp port is open on all three

I scanned my router with LanSpy from a different IP address, from a different computer, and it showed that tcp port 53 was open.

all other ports are closed, if you stop the service in the https-dns-proxy router, then tcp port 53 is closed

and how can I close this port without stopping the service itself?

Still using that 18 years old tool, I see ...

located where ?
outside/inside your LAN ?

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the port is open from the outside, it can be seen from the Internet

What is the output of netstat -lnp | grep 53 ?

Is it still open when you test from:
Open Port Check Tool -- Verify Port Forwarding on Your Router (

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by default https-dns-proxy doesn't bind on port 53, have you made any config changes ?