Use WireGuard interface for specific devices only

hi guys
i have a xiaomi 4A Gigabit with Firmware Version OpenWrt 21.02.0 and kernel 5.4.143

i have just setup wireguard and it is working perfectly but i dont want my all devices go through vpn
i just only need one of them ( ps 5 ) go through vpn

there was a same topic here : Use WireGuard interface for specific devices only

but i didnt really get what he said

would u plz give me a step by step guide for a noob ! or whatever u want name me to solve this ?

change default GW for the PS5 to go through the tunnel ?

ether manually, or via DHCP -

would u explain more ?

(You would use DHCP Option No. 3 - Router/Gateway.)

  • The OP needs a custom route table with the VPN's gateway s the default route
  • The OP will need to make a custom ip rulelisting the IPs/IP ranges to use the VPN

The we GUI Policy Based Routing app should do this; but I never installed/used it to do so.


Hope this points you in the correct direction. There are also threads you can search about the app.