Use "WAN" as an extra LAN port, with firewall limitations?

Ok guys, here are a few answers:

The internet is available on the LAN, provided by an other router.
I would prefer avoid VLAN: If I can do it by firewall rules, It much easier for me to either add a schedule or even use an external way to toggle it on/off.
Also the TV has several connexions to various services...I foresee troubles to comes If I want to make vlans works for all thoses.

@lleachii I have setup the zone forwarding on the firewall already and it works fine. My TV connected on the reconfigured WAN port receive IP from DHCP on LAN, can see my NAS etc...
It's a pretty similar situation as my guest AP I setup in an other port (where you answered too). Main difference is that I set my WAN interface as "unmanaged".
(here is the topic: Block access from wifi to LAN except gateway? I see now your answser was very similar, but @mk24 solutions worked like a charms :slight_smile:)

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